Welcome to Sauga Comics!

We are  a comic book company interested in telling stories with cutting edge artwork and storytelling.
Our first book entitled “DRENTH” is about a future world where a corporation has taken control of the city of Cabbagetown. Sick of the corruption, police officer Dean Drenth leaves the force and brandishes his own justice on the lawless streets.
We are working on the site now to get it up and serve you better. We will have digital comics for sale, as well as our Artwork gallery to check out our world of characters.
Once we have our store up you will be able to buy our books online. We will also have merchandise to satisfy all your collectible needs.
We welcome you to our sight and look forward to going on many exhilarating adventures in the streets of Cabbagetown with you.
-C.A. DI Vito, Founder
Sauga Comics.

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