We Have A NEW LOGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out our new Logo!  T-shirts will be coming soon. Just email your size if you want one. $15.00 CAD.

I know it’s been awhile since our last post. We are just working hard on new comics for you guys. Soulripper, Scarcrow and even JFK….

Remember you can still download SOUL RIPPER #1 at pulpfreepress.com for the low price of $1.99!


See you guys soon! with more crazy fuckin adventures from Sauga Comics!


It’s been awhile!!!!!!!!!

Alright Germs and Gurls,

It’s been awhile till you’ve heard from us. Trust me we’ve been working hard on the next issues of Soulripper!. Number one has been selling like hotcakes! You guys are in for some real fuckin treats!!!!.


Stay tuned.