It’s been awhile!!!!!!!!!

Alright Germs and Gurls,

It’s been awhile till you’ve heard from us. Trust me we’ve been working hard on the next issues of Soulripper!. Number one has been selling like hotcakes! You guys are in for some real fuckin treats!!!!.


Stay tuned.

SOULRIPPER in 2016!!!!!

We are pleased to announce our new book Soulripper!

For the past 150 years Damian Nocturnus has been traveling the world fighting off the undead and other demons and monsters. All within the smoke of a good spliff.

Coming to a store near you in the ’16promo


Hey boys and girls!

A couple months ago we reported that Image Collections in Streetsville was carrying DRENTH #1. We are now proud to announce that CONSPIRACY COLLECTIONS in Toronto is also selling our book! Special Shout out to Patrick!


So check em out and pick up the biggest Bad Ass in comics!

Issue #2 coming soon!

C.A. Di Vito.

DRENTH# 1!!!!!!!!!!

Cover NEW


Hey Guys and Gals!

Been busy the past few months finishing up the premiere issue of DRENTH! We are working on the look and feel we feel the book should have. So thanks for being so patient.

We are talking to variety of distributors in order to get you guys your DRENTH fix as accessible as possible.!

KEep check ing back for more updates. We can’t wait for you guys to come on our journey through Cabbagetown with us!

Cheers for now!

Your Pal,

C.A. Di Vito


Hey guys and girls!

2014 is here and we are getting ready with new and exciting ventures! We are excited beyond all thinking to have you guys come on this journey with us!

Check out our new Mini comic and get ready for our new full series!

Come with us to enjoy our adventures in Cabbagetown!


C.A. Di Vito, Sauga Comics

Hey Hey Hey!!!!!

Hey Guys and Gals!


We are getting ready to release Drenth #1!  We are looking to release it as a monthy series and you come on the journey with us!

For those of you who haven’t heard the story of Drenth is…

In a dark, bleak futuristic city run by one who evil company running the city with a gestapo-esque police force. A vigilante who patrols the streets handing out his own brand of justice to protect the innocent. Dean Drenth is a legend in the streets who puts fear in the murderers, rapists and drug dealers.

“For those who prey on the weak,

Vengeance is coming,

Those who brutalize the innocent,

Will all know the name Dean Drenth.”